It was the “day the wheels fell off.” The day her dementia turned to crisis, when we finally found her walking along the side of a busy road.

The look in her eyes overwhelmed and in the same instant vacant. I took her hand and speaking softly said, “Mom, will you come with me? I can take you home.”

She had no words; just a faint nod. The reality was becoming clear; this was going to play out Vera’s way.

Her clothes were soaked from that stroll in the rain, so I stared blankly into her closet looking for a fresh outfit. Trying to sound casual I asked, “Where were you headed mom?”

“I was going to walk back to Syracuse.” A five-hour trip by car

“I wanted to be with your father.” Currently residing in the cemetery

“But first I was going to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a Coolatta.”



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