Caregivers as Change Leaders: What’s Success (Podcast)

“Success is falling down seven times, but getting up eight.” Japanese Proverb

Do you strive for perfection in your caregiving role? Do you punish yourself when you fall short of unrealistic goals? Does your inner voice strengthen you or judge you? How do you balance your caregiving life between negativity and encouragement?

The monthly podcast series is featured on with Denise Brown. We focus our discussion on how caregivers could change their perspectives on many caregiving topics to enable and empower us to be change leaders for ourselves and for others who will follow in our footsteps.


Lisa B. Capp is a writer, activist and dementia caregiving survivor. She serves on the Alzheimer’s Association Leadership Board for the Desert Southwest, is a member of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM) and AlzAuthors.
As a High Tech Change Consultant, Lisa worked with leaders of global business, governments and non-profit organizations around the globe. Her passion now is focused on empowering dementia caregivers to survive their journey with grace.  
Join Lisa in a conversation about grace on Twitter @lisabcapp and LinkedIn at LisaBCapp.
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