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Opportunities for Grace


We all live with some level of fear. When facing a brain disease that slowly steals treasured memories and ultimately life, moving on may seem impossible.

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Hope is ever present among dementia care partners because human nature drives us to hang onto hope in the face of endless adversity.

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Dementia caregiving is both a collaborative and yet co-dependent process. As one partner declines, the other must advance.

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“You can’t explain what it’s like to mourn someone who is still alive,
unless you have experienced it first hand.”

– Jessica Seay-Soto

What does surviving dementia caregiving with grace mean?

It means empowering the potential we all possess to refine our thoughts, movements and actions in the everyday act of caregiving.

Why is surviving dementia caregiving with grace so important? Because while dementia and Alzheimer’s steal memories and ultimately life from our loved ones, they deeply scar those who stand witness to the decline.